Cool Caps or Hats for hot days !

Well, Summer is here ! So is the excitement of summer vacation for kids !!

It’s so much fun to go on holidays, travelling across countries, exploring new places and relaxing on the beaches.

So as you pack your suitcases, dont forget your sun glasses and your caps / hats 🙂

Here are few cool caps, which can be customized from my Zazzle store !

Colorful summer flowers 

Colorful flowers hat

Pretty in Pink with this Rose


Music Lover ? You may like this !


Passion for Fashion ! Oh well, RED is the color 🙂


Sure, MOM is WOW ! Treat her well this holiday :o)


Going to India for vacation ? Let God Ganesha be with you !!


Enjoyed your holidays ? Back To School now !!


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Have loads of fun and enjoy your holidays 🙂